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Bates Joinery Windows offer high quality, durable, beautiful, premium windows, custom built for you and your home. We design, make, install, guarantee and service your windows, without a middleman. Endless custom options.

We only install glass (and double glazing) into new timber windows we build. We can recommend a glazier for retrofitting existing timber windows. 


What is a Window Sash?


A window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass, and the frame is the part of the window that holds the sash. Together this is known as a casement window. Window sashes are fitted into the window frame and may or may not be movable. 


Older historic homes have a more classic style sash window such as often found in Georgian and Victorian houses in New Zealand. The weight of the glazed panel is usually balanced by a heavy steel, lead, or cast-iron sash counter-weight concealed within the window frame. The sash weight is usually connected to the window by a braided cotton sash cord that runs over a pulley at the top of the frame. 

How to Know if You Have a Problem with

Your Windows


Window sashes are an important part of window design. If the window is stuck and unable to open and close, then it may indicate an alignment problem. This can usually be resolved with minor adjustments, but if not, you may need to replace your window sash or windows. If your windows haven’t been replaced in several decades, then it may be more cost effective to purchase replacement windows for your home. While the initial cost may be high, new windows with double glazing will lower your energy bills and increase the overall value and street appeal of your home.

Older homes with wood windows are often plagued with problems from neglect or inadequate maintenance usually causing wood swelling, rotting or shrinking. This can cause the window to be difficult to move up and down. 

Bates Joinery have specialist woodworking craftsmen with years of experience manufacturing these classic windows, frames and sashes and doors. Match the beauty and aesthetics of your old or new home with custom made timber windows, frames and doors. Enjoy the look and beauty of real wood knowing that your new sash windows will give you many years of enjoyment. 

What is a Double-Hung Window?


Double-hung windows have two sashes in a single timber frame, with both sashes able to slide up or down independently to provide ventilation. Double-hung window sashes remain flush with the wall while the window is open. This makes them a great choice for walls next to patios, decks and walkways.

Fitting double glazing into new sashes


Fitting double glazing into new timber sashes is recommended for re-fitting into your existing window frames. This gives you the best finish for long term enjoyment plus a warmer home. We only install glass (and double glazing) into new timber windows we build. We can recommend a glazier for retrofitting existing timber windows. 

If you’re ready to purchase replacement windows for your home, request your free estimate with Bates Joinery today.​

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